About PSL -

PSL is a world-class research university that places innovation and the creation of value at the heart of its ambition. Located in the center of Paris, it brings together the arts, pure and applied sciences, social sciences, engineering and humanities to create a university model for the 21st century. PSL is home to 22,000 students, more than 5,000 lecturer-researchers, as well as 178 research laboratories and over 90 libraries and museums. PSL provides the best talents with the means to meet, enrich their knowledge and invent the future. PSL is the meeting point of all disciplines, it has an outstanding potential for research and stimulates the boldest projects through partnerships that increase its impact on society and the economy.

Member institutions of PSL: Chimie Paris, Collège de France, Conservatoire national supérieur d’Art dramatique, Conservatoire national supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, École des hautes études en sciences sociales, École française d'Extrême-Orient, École nationale des chartes, École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, École normale supérieure, École Pratique des Hautes Études, ESPCI Paris, Fondation Pierre-Gilles de Gennes pour la recherche, IBPC-Fondation Edmond de Rothschild, Institut Curie, Institut Louis Bachelier, La Fémis, Lycée Henri IV, MINES ParisTech, Observatoire de Paris, Université Paris-Dauphine, Association Art et Recherche, CNRS, INRIA, INSERM and Institut Pasteur


About EnsAD - -

The École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs - Paris (ENSAD) is a public institution of higher education under the authority of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and welcomes around 700 French and foreign students.
The training takes place over five years, with a specialization to choose from: Interior Architecture, Art, Animation, Graphic Design, Product Design, Textile and Texture Design, Fashion Design, Printed Image, Photography/Video, and Stage Design.

The School’s diploma grants Master’s status to its recipients. The School’s research laboratory (EnsadLab) is comprised of several research groups covering the fields of art and design. The School was founded in 1766 and will celebrate its 250th anniversary in 2016/2017.


About MINES ParisTech -

Created in 1783, MINES ParisTech trains high-level executive engineers capable to deal with complex problems, in a wide range of fields.
First French engineers' school for the extent of contractual research, MINES ParisTech has a significant research activity, directed particularly to industry, with the support of Armines, the structure dedicated to partnership search. Her fields of research extend from energetics to materials engineering, through applied mathematics, geosciences and economic and social sciences.

MINES ParisTech is a founding member of ParisTech, which includes 10 of the largest engineering schools in Paris. The school is also a founding member of the research university Paris Sciences et Lettres - PSL Research University - , which brings together 26 prestigious higher education and research institutions located in the heart of Paris. In addition, MINES ParisTech Foundation, one of the oldest French academic foundation founded in 1946, accompanies and supports the school's developments projects.


About Université Paris-Dauphine -

Université Paris-Dauphine is a Grand Etablissement of higher education specialized in the Organization and Decision Sciences. One of Europe's leading academic and research institutions in its field, Dauphine offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral and executive education programs and undertakes cutting-edge research in all of its core disciplines: management, economics, law, the social sciences, journalism, mathematics and information technologies. Curriculum includes 6 Bachelor’s degree programs, 22 Master’s specializations, and 5 PhD programs, many of which include apprenticeship track options. The university counts 569 permanent faculty members and 8,800 full-time students (39% in Bachelor's programs, 56% in Master's programs and 5% in PhD programs). Dauphine is a founding member of Paris Sciences & Lettres Research University and a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles. EQUIS-accredited since 2009, Université Paris-Dauphine is currently the only EQUIS accredited French university.