Honorary Committee

The members of the Honorary Committee are chosen for the exceptional quality of their professional careers. References in their fields, they may come from the textile-clothing sector (Haute-Couture, designer, ready-to-wear, wholesale distribution, technical garments), artistic creation, science, marketing / management, or be business leaders, academics, or authors.

The Honorary Committee shares and exchanges about the evolutions of the profession through its feedback. It promotes and watches over the influence of the School in its communications in France and abroad. It supports the School in its partnerships, contributes to its development by making its network available.

Marc Brunel has worked in and for the leather industry for nearly 20 years. He is a specialist in project management for the fashion, design and luxury sectors.
His current duties as Show Manager of Premiere Vision Leather and his previous responsibilities as the Communication Director for the French Leather Council (Conseil National du Cuir) and SIC Group mean he has a 360° vision of international markets and is able to monitor the challenges and the development opportunities in the sector.
His aim is to organise an event that will bring together players from the fashion sector and use Premiere Vision Leather to showcase creativity and innovation, protecting know-how and highlighting sustainable approaches of the exhibitors at the show.   

2014 -2017 : Show Manager of Premiere Vision Leather
1999-2014 :  Show Manager of Cuir A Paris and Communication Director of the French Leather Council.
1996-1998 :  Communication officer in the Hi-tech industry (Hewlett Packard, Microsoft…)
Jeanne Vicerial is currently engaged in the mildly self-sabotaging project of creating a robot to replace herself. It’s just one of the mad-scientist fashion experiments the designer has been playing around with recently, as she attempts to reshape the laws of fashion in her laboratory-slash-studio.
Her master’s thesis at Paris Sciences et Lettres university was titled “Un corps sur-mesure,” meaning “A Tailor-Made Body.” She focused on mimicking the anatomical structure of the human form, using strings to imitate sinews. It’s a high-tech version of couture, made in the birthplace of the practice. Most impressively of all, each piece was made from a single, 466-kilometer-long thread.
She’s currently completing a Ph.D. (SACRe EnsAD - PSL Research University, Paris ).
Paul Andreu est polytechnicien, Membre de l’Académie des Beaux-Arts de l’Institut de France.
Notons parmi ses distinctions : le Grand Prix National d'Architecture (1977), le Prix Aga Khan d’Architecture (1995) ou encore le Grand Prix du Globe de Cristal décerné par l’Académie Internationale d’Architecture (2006).
The journalist Alice Morgaine started her career spending one year at France Soir before moving to The Express in 1962 staying until 1978 in charge of the design and architecture columns and Madam Express. In 1979 she joined Jardin des Modes until 1997. Encouraged by Jean Louis Dumas she changed her job to become commissioner of contemporary arts. They created together a gallery of sponsorship for HERMES, La Verrière-Hermes in Brussels (1999-2012). She stayed adviser for art and design for Pierre Alexis Dumas, art director of Hermes until 2016.
Emmanuel PRAT
The imprints of a childhood in Japan take Emmanuel Prat quite naturally back to the land of the rising sun where, after a first career as Sales Manager (1978-1982), then General Director (1982-84) of the Compagnie Maritime des Chargeurs Réunis for Japan, he joined the group LVMH in 1984 as President of the perfumes Christian Dior, then as President of LVMH Japan from 1991. Jointly, he performed the function of CEO (2007-10) then Chairman (2011-13) of Louis Vuitton Japan. After 36 years of professional life in Japan 30 of which with LVMH, he returned to France in 2014 and became Senior Advisor with the Executive management of LVMH (Paris), managing EP Luxe Consulting SAS. Involved because of his experience and his affection for Japan, he remains Honorary President of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Japan and President of Japan Sales Professionals Association whose purpose is the promotion of the function " retail " within the Japanese society.

Patrice DE PLACE
The career of Patrice de Place has been totally dedicated to fashion. He began as European Export Manager. Then he was in charge of Middle Eastern markets where he organized Luxury brand distribution opening the first Christian Dior shop in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) and was responsible for all the Arabian Gulf countries from Oman and the United Arab Emirates to Bahrain and Kuwait. He was then sent to Tokyo for Dior as Chief Representative Director for the Asian-Pacific region. He was responsible for this vast zone for several years, then was called back to Paris to take over Céline's Executive management (Group LVMH) and occupied jointly the functions of President of Céline Japan KK and Céline Inc USA. After 25 years of career within the LVMH Group, he decided to invest in 2002, (with the desire of transmission) in the creation of Mod’Art International particularly for the development of fashion management programmes. His expertise in Asia was a great help in the international expansion of the school in China, in India but also in Latin America. Patrice de Place is a member of the UK sciences and Humanities Research Council, and International Advisor of the Fashion Culture Research Center, Institute for culture and Creativity, Tsing Hua University (China).